Festive Fudge as the name suggests something sweet for the Festive Season but really you can make this at any time of the year. My version has a hugely reduced sugar content and is perfectly sweet enough.


1 can condensed milk
60g Raw Sugar
125g butter
20g ( 1 tblspn ) liquid glucose (available form supermarkets)
200g white chocolate
60g Pistachios
50g Cranberries


  • Insert Mixing Blade ( use through out )
  • Add to the CC  bowl condensed milk, sugar, butter and glucose – cook at speed 3 on 95 ⁰  for 8 minutes
  • Cook further on speed 3 at temp 120⁰  for another 20 minutes.
  •  Add chopped chocolate or chocolate buttons and a handful or so of pistachios and dried cranberries stir through on speed 5 for 20-30 secs until chocolate is melted
  • Pour into lined square pan or slice tray sprinkle some more pistachios and cranberries- refrigerate until set. Slice into small squares



Festive Fudge by Mixing Food and Life by Slidely Slideshow