There are so many recipes for Gnocchi. Ones with Sauces, ones with creamy sauces , ones with red sauces , ones that are pan fried.. .. all little velvety pillowy soft little parcels of joy , that when made right melt in your mouth… The trick is to not to dry out the potato, not to water log the potato , not to over work the potato and to make sure that the potato is lightly handled the entire process resulting in fluffy pillows of yumminess .

Making the Sauce

6 -7 slices prosciutto chopped into small pieces
3 cloves Garlic
1 onion
2 cans chopped tomatoes
15g olive oil
15g raw sugar
Few Sprigs of Fresh Basil around 15-20 Leaves Chopped Finely Place leaves on top of each other and cut – much easier

Using the Ultrablade
Place Onion and Garlic and chop for speed 12 for 10 seconds
Add Oil and cook on Slow Cook programme 1 for 3 minutes
Add Prosciutto
Add in 2 Cans of Chopped Tomatoes , Fresh Chopped Basil and Sugar.
Cook Auto Slow Cook P2 95degrees for 8 minutes
Set aside


Making the Gnocchi

You will need around 850 g of Potatoes, I had 2 very large red skinned ones and one smaller potato.
Boil these in a large pot of salted water for around 45 minutes
Using a glove (because they are HOT) skin them using a sharp knife


Put through a potato Ricer ( these are brilliant, the Thermomix will make  them too mushy in my opinion) They are such a great price too and you can purchase one at 10% off through Thermoblitz at Globe Importers. If you don’t have one you can push through a potato Masher



You will need approximately 100g of plain flour , one egg yolk and a pinch of salt
Add the Riced Potato to the Cuisine Companion Bowl and then sprinkle in the flour and then the beaten egg yolk and Mix for about 30 secs on on the Auto P1 Pastry programme for 1 minute stop at 30 secs scrape down with spatula and repeat for remaining 30 seconds



Tip out onto floured side and gently knead into shape with hands Make sure you have plenty of flour on the side and your hands


Roll into shape a large roll and then divide off sections to work with in making the Gnocchi



Roll each section into a small long roll like so


Divide small roll into little sections and then press down on the Gnocchi Board ( or Use the back of a fork) This is so the sauce will sit in the grooves – making the Gnocchi even yummier.



Lay the made Gnocchi onto a lined and floured tray until ready to cook or if doing straight away leave on the floured side until all gnocchi is made.

Bring a Pot of salted water to the boil and put Gnocchi in batches (so as not to overcrowd them) until they float to the surface (meaning they are cooked)




If you like you can add your sauce to a pan and drop the Cooked Gnocchi into it to help absorb the sauce. Otherwise you can just spoon your sauce into bowls with Gnocchi



Then finely grate ( I use a Microplaner) Pecorino cheese or parmesan across the top (as much or as little as you like)


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