This isn’t a healthy recipe but it doesn’t have preservatives and any additives.
What are After Eights ? or After Dinner mints ? as the name suggests they are a sweet that is intended to have after dinner to “refresh” the palate. They have been around for a very long time first being manufactured in England
I remember them as a kid , my parents always had them at Christmas time and I thought I was so grown up having them too !
Since a different company took them over they have changed the recipe and they don’t taste the same !
I haven’t eaten them for a long time as I find them too sickly sweet. I have made these and still find them too sweet but its nice as a special treat to serve for those that love sweet treats 🙂
I started off making small little mints but my patience ran out and I ended up doing it as a large slab and cutting into squares 😉 If you have a day to spare feel free to do the small rounds 😉
15g coconut oil
15g Cream
15g Rice Malt Syrup
15g Lemon Juice
1 -2 drops of Peppermint Oil (if you are going to use extract then you would need a big more – do it it to taste)
a few drops of Vanilla Extract
350-400 g Icing Sugar (start with less and may need to add more if not firm enough)
Chocolate  – I used a  couple of blocks of Lindt 70% – You can use whatever chocolate you wish making sure it is a good quality one or you can make your own (recipe on the blog)
Add all the ingredients  (except the chocolate) above with 100g of Icing sugar  on speed 4 for 10secs scrape down and add another 100g of icing sugar speed 4 for 10 secs and then add the remainder of the icing sugar and mix on speed 4 for 10-20 secs until combined
Tip out onto some glad wrap and wrap in a ball in the fridge for around 10-20 minutes until its a firm consistency like fondant.
You can use a small round shape cutter and do circles of the “mint fondant” or as squares.
To do the small round shapes :
Cut out small round shapes of the “mint fondant” and then lay on baking paper on a tray and pop into fridge to firm.
Dip into melted chocolate and place onto a clean sheet of baking paper and back into the fridge.
To do the Mint Squares
Melt the chocolate , then spread out on to a sheet of baking paper on a tray. Place in fridge to firm.  Meanwhile roll out a thin piece of the fondant on baking paper . Its preferable to have a fondant roller . But using a roller on top of another piece of baking paper carefully will work.
Then place into the fridge to firm up
When that is firm bring out the firm chocolate layer and the fondant layer and lay onto the chocolate layer. Then pour “cooled” melted chocolate over the top of the fondant layer.  (so still runny but not hot)
Place the lot into the fridge and when nearly firm cut into squares and then pop back into the fridge to completely firm . Take out from fridge and cut the squares out all the way.