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” For The Love of the Cuisine Companion – Every day recipes” by Caroline Ross

This book is an everyday recipe ebook for the Cuisine Companion and was a work in progress for many many months !
I put my heart and soul and many late nights ! into creating these recipes and collating them all into a lovely presented professionally created eBook.
This eBook has 90 pages with 41 recipes !

All photos will enlarge , feel free to read the blurb on the back of the book for more information….



” For The Love of the Cuisine Companion – Everyday recipes” by Caroline Ross – First published May 2017


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These are just some of the reviews received on my recipe book……

🌸“What a glorious luxurious production. I know the recipes are solid too. Congratulations. It’s a fabulous achievement!”
🌸“Thankyou for a beautiful book lovely presented well worth waiting for . cant wait to start using well done Caroline Ross”
🌸“I received my signed copy of your cook book today, thank you so much for your dedication in putting your wonderful book in print. I know I will gain more confidence in exploring your recipes and perhaps some new ones of my own.
In appreciation ”
🌸” Hi Caroline, Have just been down to clear our mailbox and wow, my book has arrived !!!! Wrapped in pretty pink tissue paper, it is beautiful. I know it took a tremendous amount of organising throughout a very difficult time for you and your family but it is wonderful. An achievement to be extremely proud of. Thank you.”
🌸“Yay!! So excited to pick up my book today. It’s even more fabulous than I imagined. So much nicer in print! I know it was a lot of hard work Caroline but its beautiful, well done!”
🌸“Yay my book arrived today. I love the glossy pages, such a good quality book. Thanks Caroline Ross, you must be so proud of your hard work!”
🌸“Yeah, mine arrived today, so exciting! Thank you, I’m doing a happy dance, I’ll be reading it all night! You must be so pleased with your beautiful presentation, lovely binding, great quality publication. Congratulations, we all know it was a bit like drawing teeth at the end for you, but the result is superb. Even more exciting was finding your signature and kind message. Thank you, I really do love it. x”
🌸🌸” Thanks Caroline my book has arrived its just so beautiful put together and such a pretty cooking book, also wraped in pink paper a lot of effort thanks again.
🌸🌸Wow! Collected from the Post Office. Congratulations Caroline you must be very proud of this great achievement. The book really is beautiful.
🌸Woo hoo 2 happy campers here my little helper and my self lol and Kristy Barton loves it so much thanks for all your hard work Caroline Ross this book is so amazing here are a few photos lol
🌸 Your Cookbook really is beautifull. Congratulations Caroline.
🌸 Woohoo got my book arrived today. Looks awesome now to decide what to cook on weekend. 😍
🌸 Home at last and able to see it for the first time. Absolutely fabulous


  1. 5 out of 5

    This is one of the best books that I have read.
    I have owned my machine for a year and use it most days and yet I have learned such a lot to reading this beautiful book.
    The instructions are.clear and well set out, with beautiful illustrations.
    Everyone will will be able to learn something from the book and will gain confidence in using their machines.
    I hope it will be more books to follow and if it ever appears in hard copy, it will take pride of place on my kitchen bookshelf.

    Vivienne Anderson
    Vivienne Anderson
  2. 5 out of 5

    This cookbook is awesome. It is beautifully illustrated and the recipes so easy to follow .
    I have had my C.C for a couple of years now. Ihave never used it so much till this book was released.
    I have learnt so much more since having this book and still learning.I hope there will be another book done down the track as i would definitely be buying it. It will be kept in my kitchen vey vey close to my C.C machine ?

    Anna Cole
    Anna Cole
  3. 5 out of 5

    I had been very excited to download and read this book! I was not disappointed 🙂 The recipes are easy to follow and the way the book is written gives it a real personal touch, almost as though you are personally being entrusted with family kitchen secrets. The amount of work, time and love that has been poured into this cookery book is largely evident in the careful construction and placement of recipes with tips accompanied by beautiful photos. This isn’t just another cook book, “For The Love Of The Cuisine Companion” is a collection of carefully composed recipes written for anyone who wishes to cook amazing food with their Tefal Cuisine Companion, from the beginner all the way through to the kitchen whizz. It is a true joy to read through and a must to own along-side your Tefal CC Machine!

    Rebecca Smith
    Rebecca Smith
  4. 5 out of 5

    Fantastic book and club, makes a newbie like me able to cook things I never would have dreamed of cooking ( and I have been cooking for over 40 years ) Thank you Caroline for giving me confidence to have a go !

    maree williamson
    maree williamson
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