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This is for the bundle purchase of the Cuisine Companion Cooking Club ( which will be held in a Private Facebook group with exclusive only member access ) and the eBook ” For The Love of the Cuisine Companion – Every day recipes” by Caroline Ross

” For The Love of the Cuisine Companion – Every day recipes” by Caroline Ross
This book is an everyday recipe ebook for the Cuisine Companion and has been in a work in progress for many many months !
I’ve put my heart and soul and many late nights ! into creating these recipes and collating them all into a lovely presented professionally created eBook.
All photos will enlarge , feel free to read the blurb on the back of the book for more information….

The club is exclusively for members of the Cuisine Companion Cooking Club where you will receive an annual membership PLUS the eBook For The Love of the Cuisine Companion -Everyday recipes PLUS more –

The Cuisine Companion Cooking Club is an exclusive membership club paid annually.
Initial Annual Cost is $65 with the eBook  “ For the love of the Cuisine Companion “ Every day Recipes by Caroline Ross

-You will receive exclusive recipes only available to club members.
-You will receive step by step photos for many of the recipes contained in the eBook “ For the love of the Cuisine Companion Everyday Recipes by Caroline Ross ”
-You will have access to one on one help with the recipes. 
-Exclusive offers

-and a lot more…

**NB** Please note whilst Paypal is listed for a payment option
Paypal is for International.
Direct Deposit for all Australian Orders

Please note the club and eBooks are a non refundable item.

*** Please Note *** Once your  payment has been processed a email with the link to download your eBook ” For the Love of the Cuisine Companion – Everyday Recipes by Caroline Ross” will be sent out to the email address you used to place your order . Please check your spam and deleted folders. If you do not receive an email within a few days please contact me through the contact tab on this page.
When you receive the email you can click the link and it should open in the device of your choice where you should be able to save it to your desktop , iBooks , or as a PDF File .

This is a site that explains how to download eBooks to various devices that may also assist. If you download to your computer as a PDF try and view it in “ two page view “ as it reads just like a book 🙂
Please note this book is covered under copyright law and is exclusively for your own personal use and is therefore stamped to your name and your email address.
This eBook can not be copied, reproduced or distributed all or part there of under copyright laws.
Feel free to talk about the book as in share your favourite recipes from it as the list of contents is public, and feel free to share photos of any of the dishes you make but please do not share all or part of any of the recipes anywhere.
ISBN 978-0-6480949-0-6
Cuisine Companion Cooking Club – once you have received your eBook this means payment has been received and you can send a request through to here HERE and you will be admitted

Information regarding copyright and downloading your eBook can be found here The Fine print including copyright




  1. 5 out of 5

    I’ve been following mixing food and life since I purchased my tefal cuisine companion and the recipes are always precise, I’ve never had an issue. Now with this fantastic ebook that Caroline has produced, all the recipes are at your fingertips, so easy to follow with great tips & hints! Highly recommend to join the club and get this ebook! 💪🤗

    Rita Attard
    Rita Attard
  2. 5 out of 5

    Absolutely love the facebook page. Website and carolines new book. So many great recipes also such great help from all members and especially caroline ross. You have done an amazing job thanks for sharing all your lovely recipes in your new book with us all.

    Harris Polites
    Harris Polites
  3. 5 out of 5

    I’ve been a fan of Mixing Food and Life for many years now. The recipes are all fantastic. They’ve obviously been tested repeatedly to get them just right before they’re shared. The instructions are detailed and easy to follow.

    The recipes in For The Love of the Cuisine Companion are just the same. The dishes are beautifully photographed and all the recipes have detailed step by step instructions. The cooking club has taken the recipes to the next step by providing step by step photos fir many of the recipes. The cooking club will make even the most nervous beginner a confident cook.

    This book and the cooking club is the perfect partner to get the most value from the Cusine Companion.

    Congratulations and well done Caroline Ross!

    Tess Hackett
    Tess Hackett
  4. 5 out of 5

    My copy arrived yesterday and I’m tired from staying up too late last night reading it. And I even snuck in a couple of looks today at work and nearly got caught! I can’t wait to get in the kitchen to try some of the recipes. Thanks Caroline. It’s a fabulous book. You’ve put so much work into it 😀😀😀

    Em Narelle
    Em Narelle
  5. 5 out of 5

    I have been following this page since i bought my CC a year and a half ago. I absolutely love the page and book. Helps give me more inspiration to keep cooking delicious things for my family. A hige thank you to Caroline for all you do xx

    Alissa Higginbottom
    Alissa Higginbottom
  6. 5 out of 5

    I actually joined the Mixing Food & Life page to help me decide whether or not to purchase a TCC. Caroline has been more than helpful with all of my questions. Needless to say I ended up purchasing my very own TCC in April !!!!
    I love it so much…its my new baby. I also love Carolines new ebook full of great recipes.. handy hints and so much more. The cooking club is such an excellent addition for those of us still learning.
    Caroline we all appreciate your hard work and devotion to all of us TCC lovers. xx

  7. 5 out of 5

    I absolutely love the cuisine companion cooking club and Ebook, so very easy receipes for everyday cooking and making things from scratch is the best, knowing there are no additives going into your food, I can’t wait for summer to come along to have fresh home grown tomatoes to make tomato paste. The Ebook will also save you money from making everything from scratch. I just love love love it and the photos step by step instruction in the club are absolutely fantastic. It teaches you so many ways to use the tefal companion Thankyou for all your hard work Caroline.

    Rosalie Baker
    Rosalie Baker
  8. I am so pleased I bought the book and joined the club. I like being able to see step by step instructions and also get help from someone who has actually created the recipes. I also feel more positive about using the machine for making things from scratch. Thanks Caroline for all your effort and hard work.

    Jane Jones
    Jane Jones
  9. 4 out of 5

    I was a little overwhelmed when I purchased my CC, However once I found Carolines Facebook page I started getting answers to my questions. Her new eBook and club page are fantastic, I am enjoying creating masterpieces and the club page is really helpful. Thanks Caroline.

    Kim Templeton
    Kim Templeton
  10. 5 out of 5

    I had been very excited to download and read this book! I was not disappointed 🙂 The recipes are easy to follow and the way the book is written gives it a real personal touch, almost as though you are personally being entrusted with family kitchen secrets. The amount of work, time and love that has been poured into this cookery book is largely evident in the careful construction and placement of recipes with tips accompanied by beautiful photos. This isn’t just another cook book, “For The Love Of The Cuisine Companion” is a collection of carefully composed recipes written for anyone who wishes to cook amazing food with their Tefal Cuisine Companion, from the beginner all the way through to the kitchen whizz. It is a true joy to read through and a must to own along-side your Tefal CC Machine!

    Rebecca Smith
    Rebecca Smith
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