Guess what ! I have my newly completed conversion chart up  – I owned a Thermomix for 4+ years and developed recipes over that time 🙂
Those recipes are still on this website for Thermomix users.
I’ve been converting my own recipes from the Thermomix ones to the Cuisine Companion over the past 1+ years of owning a Cuisine Companion.
Knowing the two machines made that a lot easier to do.
One of the main questions I see is ” How do I do this Thermomix recipe in the Cuisine Companion ” Its not always as simple as increasing speed by the same amount each time or upping the temp by the same amount each time , the two machines are completely different, although both have the same ” thermo ” cooking concept.
The Thermomix runs with a fixed 4 pronged blade , ( and has the butterfly attachment , but the 4 prong blade still remains intact ) The Cuisine Companion doesn’t have a fixed blade. It has 4 different attachments that do 4 very different things.
This chart should help with that TMX to CC Guidelines

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How long have you had your Cuisine Companion for ? Want to ask a question ? Feel free to in the comments below

Quick Reference guide for converting from the Thermomix to the Tefal Cuisine Companion