Fabulous Washing Machine Powder. I haven’t made it for a while. Thought it was about time I started doing it again
INGREDIENTS (as per photo)

Velvet Soap Bars x 3
Sard Wonder Soap Bar x 1
Lectric Washing Soda 700 g
Eucalyptus Oil ( Note since posting this recipe originally back in May 2014 I only use doTERRA Essential oils since May 2015 ! 🙂 ) 

Blitz the 3 Velvet and half Sard bar for 1minute on speed 9
Add Lectric Soda and mix for 20secs speed 5
add 10 or as many as you wish drops of Pure essential oil
I have added Eucalyptus oil here  but you can add oils of your choosing, Lemon, Orange , Lavender…. Make sure they are essential oils. Eucalyptus is very good for killing germs.
Tip out into container and use around 2 tablespoons for top or front loaders
I have a front loader and it works great

It is recommend to do a vinegar wash with hot water wash every few months Just pour a cup of vinegar mixed in3 cups of water down the soap dispenser and turn on the hottest cycle with nothing in the machine .


*** Regarding Vinegar rinse*** Please note this is just what I have read on various sites to do, and I am comfortable with doing the vinegar wash to remove build up of soaps.  I have noticed in some comments over the past years that some people are wary so its really your choice. Please research and decide for yourself 🙂