Thermoblitz Loaf – Wholemeal/White/Chia Mix Loaf

250g Wholemeal Flour- I prefer to use Atta
250g White Bakers Flour
10g Dry Yeast
1 teaspoon Salt
1 teaspoon Sugar
30g Olive Oil
300 g Warm Water
2 tblspnns Chia Seeds mixed with about 6 tblspns of water – I didn’t really measure just poured some water in so they turned into gel

Add into Bowl in this order
Warm Water (not too hot)

Mix on 6 for 10 seconds

Add in Chia Gel

Mix on 6 for 10 seconds

Turn to Closed position and Knead for 2 minutes
Empty into a lightly sprayed bowl and put glad wrap over the top Place into a warm place until dough has risen to the top.
Empty onto a lightly floured board/mat and knock down, and shape into a loaf and place into loaf tin. I bought mine from a place in WA called All about bread. Most good kitchen places sell these good quality loaf tins. I use mine at Christmas time for Icecream pudding as well 😉 Its a very versatile pan !
I lightly spray my loaf tin with oil.

Then place into a warm place and allow to rise again, at least 3/4 of the way
The double rising is one of the ways of ensuring a good loaf

Brush top of loaf with water lightly

Place a container of water in the bottom of the oven. This gives a nice crispy crust
Bake in a preheated oven of 180-190 degrees depending on the temperament of your oven ! allow around 30 minutes. Check after 20mins
At around 30 mins take the loaf out and give it a tap on the bottom and it should sound hollow. I have just learned another additional step of testing and that it take a meat thermometer and insert into bottom of bread – it should read 200F or 94C and with wholemeal breads it should be around 205-210F I shall be interested to try this out next time !
Sweet breads are around 190 !

To get a crispier crust all on sides and bottom take out of the tin and give 5 mins or so in the oven on its own

Allow to cool on a rack and then slice – if using straight away don’t slice all of the bread but as you go then it keeps fresher longer. If you want it to last then slice and bag and place in the freezer

My daughter told me “you make the BEST bread mum” after this loaf !