Chocolate Coconut Steamed Puddings with Raspberry Coconut Syrup

130g Coconut Cream
125 g Coconut Sugar or RAW Sugar or Rapadura
125 g Coconut Oil
220g Plain Flour
2.5 tsp TMX made Baking Powder
50 G Cacao
2 Eggs

Put everything in bowl and mix 5secs on speed 4
Insert butterfly
Run 1 minute speed 4
Bake 10-15 mins 175/180 Degrees

Now I made 22 mini cupcakes and then 4 of the Steamed Coconut Chocolate puddings with Raspberry Coconut Syrup

You can split it however you want or use for all of one recipe

If you are making the mini cupckaes Just line the mini tins with mini cupcake liners and Bake 10-15 mins 175/180 degrees

If making Steamed puddings then put in around 600 g water, basically above the blades
Put the mix into ramekins or silicone cupcake holders etc
Put in the Varoma receptacles and heat on Varoma Temperature for 20 minutes Speed 2

Wipe out Bowl and put in 150g Raspberries 20g Coconut Sugar and blitz speed 5 for 4 or 5 secs
Add 40g coconut Cream and cook for 5 minutes Speed 2 on 100 degrees

Tips : I place a whole lindt ball in the centre of each steamed pudding so that when broken open it oozed chocolate goodness, you could also just used a good square or two of chocolate