Chicken Stock Paste Recipe

Chicken Stock Paste is used in so many dishes . This is such a easy and cost effective way to whip up a supply of it at the ready for your recipes .
Full of fresh ingredients you will add so much depth and flavour to any dish



350g Chicken Breast Diced
350g Carrot, Celery and Zucchini – This equates to approx 1 Large or 2 small carrots, 2 pieces of celery and 1 small zucchini –
1 medium Onion Quartered or half a Leek or a five shallots
2 large Garlic Cloves
Parsley – few stems
Coriander – few stems
Rosemary – few Stems of leaves minus the stalk
Bay Leaves whole
150g Rock Salt
50g White wine – this goes so well with chicken. It is cooked off so its more about adding to the flavor – don’t forget to use a quality wine.



Into the Bowl with the Ultrablade add diced chicken , diced Veges and all Herbs

(You leave the Ultrablade in the entire recipe)

Blitz on Speed 9 for 15 secs.


Add Rock Salt and Wine

Mix on Speed 5 for 5 second

Put Stopper on Max Steam

Speed 3 Temp 120 Cook 20 minutes Check make sure cooked through ( if not cook another 5 minutes )


Blend on Speed 12 for 30 seconds , scrape down and repeat

I always freeze my paste in Ice Cube Trays.

Dependant on the Veges you use will alter the colour of your Stocks ! Lots of Green = Greened 😉

You can leave some out in the fridge in a glass jar for a week, but on the safe side I wouldn’t leave it any longer. So just enough for a weeks cooking.
It also makes it so easy for recipes as each cube weighs 30g in my tupperware ice cube trays.
Stock Pastes will not freeze solid due to the salt content. So they do need to remain in the trays.